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Smoked Fish Salad
€ 11,9

Selected smoked fish mixture, over a young shoots bed and oriental seasoned vinegar.

Prawn/Shrimp Carpaccio:
€ 11,7

Dressed with our avocado and citric vinagrettes.

Sea Bass Ceviche
€ 16,9

Traditional Peruan fish dish, cooked on tiger milk over a bed of sweet potatoes.


Seasoned Wings
€ 10,9

Tasty chicken wings, acompained with an Algae Tartar sauce and a Blue Cheese Sauce. (10 units)

€ 10,9

Corn powder round mixture, fried and served with our house fillings. The Venezuelan bread. (3 units)

Lamb in it’s Corral
€ 12,9

Shredded Lamb on it’s juice over a roasted peppers and potatoes bed.

Blood Sausage Croquettes
€ 8,5

Our house star with piquillo peppers emulsion. (4 units)

Teriyaki Squids
€ 13,5

Sautéed on the pan with green sparragus on teriyaki sauce and black ink ali oli.

Panko Shrimps
€ 10,9

With our Kimchee emulsion. (5 units)

Pork Feather
€ 12,9

Pork strip cut with Chop–Suey vegetables and Saffron purée.

Galipán’s Rebravas
€ 5,9

Our house fried potatoes with hot sauce.

Mix of Tequeños
€ 8,9

Our three presentations in one dish to taste the richest flavors with Melao’e Papelón, Guava and Spicy Milk sauces. (6 units)


White Chocolate Mousse
€ 5,5

Creamy and addictive, with a Pasion Fruit coulis and lyophilized Raspberry.

Nutella Tequeños
€ 5,9

Switch the cheese for Nutella and served with Cream. (4 units)

Homemade Yogourt
€ 5

Of Lime, both citric and sweet, with a cookie Crumble and Forest berries syrop.


Fles champagne
€ 13
Glas champagne
€ 3
€ 1,1
Fles water
€ 3
Halve fles water
€ 2
Fles wijn
€ 13
Glas wijn
€ 2,5
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