Menu El Brunch del Majestic



L’Escala anchovy with seaweed bread
€ 13

Price per unit

Lleida ecologic veal cured cold meats
€ 19
Barceloneta prawns’ croquette
€ 18

Price per unit

Roasted eggplant fritter with honey and cottage cheese alioli
€ 16

Price per unit

Oxtail Brioche with pickled onion
€ 23

Price per unit

Fresh grilled foie gras with chamomile gel
€ 18
Red prawns baked in coal oven
€ 25
Catch of the day with spinach cream sauce, basil and tender shoots
€ 28
Caldereta monkfish stew with red prawns from Vilanova
€ 23
Duroc suckling pig, sweet potato textures and citrus purée
€ 25
Beef chop taco with blue cheese rice
€ 26
Roe deer, red fruits and duxell
€ 24


Vegetable salad of the day from our farm in Can Met
€ 16


Free range egg, parmentier, Osona black truffle and Duroc-style pork jowl
€ 24



Fresh pear cake and its compote
€ 9
Chocolate and coffee textures
€ 9
Citrus thyme, lemon and yogurt
€ 8
Pauet goat milk recuit with honey and nuts
€ 8


Bread and complements
€ 2,9

We serve artisan bread “au levain” from Sant Josep bakery

The Sunday Brunch 59€

€ 59
This menu includes: Selección de Course meal fríos + Segundo Start + Tabla de embutidos and quesos al corte + Desert
Menú Brunch

Buffet of Starters:

- A selection of Catalan and Iberian pork cold cuts.

- Vichyssoise.

- Caesar salad with smoked chicken.

- Xató salad with salt cod and anchovies.

- Vegetable salad with bresaola.

- Razor clam salad with sponge of tiger's milk (ceviche marinade).

- Burrata salad with pickled cucumber.

- Salad bar: tomato, mesclun, rocket, cucumber, endive and Kalamata olives.

- Kitchen garden: mini-carrots, lettuce hearts, red endive, beet, radish and green asparagus.

- Dill-marinated salmon.

- The best of the sea: Oysters, king prawns, cockles, clams, mussels and razor clams.

- A selection of cheeses, quince paste, jams and dried fruit and nuts.

- A selection of homemade bread.

Buffet of Hot Dishes:

- Salmon terrine with king prawns and piquillo peppers.

- Eggs benedict with smoked salmon and béarnaise sauce.

- Eggs benedict with ham.

- Cannelloni of free-range roasted chicken.

- Biscay-style salt cod.

- Salt-baked sea bass.

- Hake with cockles, green asparagus and Txakolí.

- Catalan veal stew with porcini mushrooms and St. George's mushrooms.

- Cannelloni of free-range roasted chicken with black pudding.

- Teriyaki-style skewer with pluma cut of Iberian pork.

- Octopus and sepia risotto.

For the younger ones:

- Margherita pizza.

- Penne rigatti in Napoletana tomato sauce.

- Veal burger.

- Chicken nuggets.

- Fish fingers.

- French fries.

- A show cooking selection of ceviche.

Buffet of Desserts:

- Tatin of apple, orange, pineapple and guanaja.

- Homemade tarts: milk chocolate and raspberry, chocolate, raspberry and fig, strawberry, lemon and yuzu.

- Our homemade Bounty.

- Hazelnut praline tart.

- Financier cake with chocolate, cocoa nibs and orange blossom water.

- Homemade strawberry, violet and chocolate marshmallows.

- Chocolate and peanut cookies.

- Choux pastry of tonka bean and praline, vanilla and raspberry and chocolate and raspberry.

- Exotic cheesecake of fresh fruit.

- Grandma's chocolate mousse.

- Vanilla and chocolate muffins.

- Glass of matcha tea with cherries.

- Fruit salad.


- Doft drinks and mineral water.

- Coffee and infusions.


This is an example menu. The dishes can change according to the season and the chef's discretion.

Punctuality is kindly requested with your reservation, after 15 minutes the restaurant could assigned your table to another client.

PD: Punctuality is kindly requested with your reservation, after 15 minutes the restaurant could assigned your table to another client.
Price per person. Welcome Moët & Chandon champagne glass included. Alcoholic beverages not included, menu available. Sunday from 12h45 to 16h. Price for children: between 4 to 12 years old: 29€ (free for children under 3 years old).


Fles champagne
€ 40
Glas champagne
€ 9
Fles wijn
€ 18
Glas wijn
€ 4
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